What is the ProExtender?®

The ProExtender is a medical-grade penis enlargement device.

  • Can the ProExtender® really make my penis bigger?

Yes. The ProExtender® is a clinically proven enlargement method. With regular use, you can expect a longer and girthier penis, enlarging both erect and flaccid.

For this reason, physicians and urologists recommend the ProExtender® method to their patients (as an effective alternative to surgery). Plus this tested-and-proven enlargement system has helped over 500,000 customers worldwide.

As a globally respected leader, the ProExtender® offers each user a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer this above-industry-standard guarantee because… if you’re looking for a safe, proven way to enlarge your penis, we want you to have the ProExtender® as an affordable, risk-free option.

  • Why is the ProExtender® better than surgery?

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether penis enlargement surgery is for right you.

But in the meantime, here are the drawbacks to surgery that you should consider:

Surgery costs a fortune: Penis enlargement surgery can cost anywhere from $5,000… to $10,000… to $15,000 and beyond.

Surgery has (horrible) risks: With enlargement surgery, there’s a serious possibility of permanent nerve damage… nasty infections… penis disfigurement… and even erectile difficulties.

Surgery takes weeks of recovery: No sex after surgery. Doctor’s orders. That’s right, you’ll be out of sexual commission for at least 6 weeks.

Surgery hurts like hell: Most surgeons tell their patients to expect redness, swelling, discomfort and pain (for up to 3 weeks) after surgery. This pain disrupts your precious sleep. And urinating is an unavoidable nightmare of torture and pain.

Surgery scars your penis for life: Yes. Your penis will be sliced open with a surgical knife. Your suspensory ligament will be cut in half. And eventually, your skin will be sewn back-up with stitches… leaving your penis with a visible scar, for the rest of your life. (In fact, post-surgery scarring can actually shrink your penis size.)

Surgery does not guarantee your satisfaction: Whether you like the results of your surgery or not… the results are final. Which is NOT good news for most men. Why? Recently, in the European Urology medical journal, a devastating study was published. It states, that after 42 men underwent enlargement surgery, 65% were unsatisfied with the results. Ouch! The worst part? There’s no money-back guarantee.

For these reasons, hundreds-of-thousands of men have chosen ProExtender® as a superior option for permanent penile enlargement.

  • How big can I get?

The ProExtender® method is clinically documented to help increase erect length by up to 29% and enlarge girth by up to 19% (with regular use between 4-6 months).

The best part? After the 6 months, you can continue using your ProExtender® (at your leisure) to further enlarge your penis… if you want to keep going for your desired length and girth.

This means, achieving your “dream” size could now be possible, thanks to the ProExtender®.

  • Is the ProExtender® backed by clinical evidence? 

Great question! The ProExtender® method was proven to work in clinical trials. In fact…

One clinical study (lasting 26 weeks) yielded amazing results.

After the study… the average girth enlarged by up to 19% and length increased by up to 29%.

That’s why top surgeons and physicians around the world recommend the ProExtender® as a clinically proven, medical-grade enlargement method.

For this reason, over 500,000 men have chosen the ProExtender® to permanently enlarge their penis… without suffering the costs and risks of surgery.

  • How does the ProExtender® scientifically work?

Here’s the simple answer…

Every part of your penis (inside and out) is made up of cells. When you wear the ProExtender®, a natural growth process occurs, specifically the cells of your ENTIRE penis multiply. This cell duplication process is called mitosis. And the result is permanent penis enlargement.

There’s no pain to this process.

And there’s no “down time” either. The “magic” is in the Traction Method (the gentle stretch applied to your member while wearing the ProExtender®). The Traction Method is a scientifically documented enlargement process. The ProExtender® is a medical-grade, FDA-cleared, CE-Certified Traction device… proven to safely produce enlargement gains.

  • Are my enlargement gains with the ProExtender® permanent?

Yes. The enlargement gains you achieve with the ProExtender® will be permanent.

  • So you’re saying the ProExtender® can increase both length and girth?

Yes, exactly. The ProExtender® works by using the Traction Method which is clinically proven to increase BOTH length and girth (flaccid and erect).

  • Can the ProExtender® damage my penis?

There are no reports of that. Just follow the simple instructions provided with your ProExtender®.

  • Does using the ProExtender® hurt?

No. In fact, it’s comfortable.

The ProExtender® is designed with multiple comfort features in order to deliver a pain-free user experience. Unlike cheap imitations, the ProExtender® is designed not to pinch, poke or pull your penis in any way that causes pain or the slightest discomfort.

  • This looks complicated… how do I use it?

At first, the ProExtender® might look like a complicated device but, it’s super easy to use.

In fact, soon enough installing the ProExtender® will seem as easy as slipping on a condom.

Your ProExtender® will come with an instructional DVD (and manual). Just watch the short DVD (or read the manual) and you’ll be a pro at wearing the ProExtender® in no time.

  • Am I too small to use the ProExtender®?

The ProExtender® can help flaccid penis sizes (stretched) from 2” (5.08cm) to 9” (22.86cm).

If you achieve a stretched flaccid length of 9 inches using your ProExtender®, please call us to learn how you can grow even more.

  • When will I see results?

You could see results within 2 weeks.

For best results, use the ProExtender® for a minimum of 4 months (or until you reach your desired size).

  • How long should I use the ProExtender® each day?

This all depends on your personal enlargement goal.

Essentially, the more you wear the ProExtender®… the faster, more significant results you can achieve.

The ProExtender® can be comfortably worn up to 12 full hours.

  • Will this cause erectile dysfunction?

No. The truth is: Your ProExtender® will actually increase blood flow to your penis which could increase erection quality… helping you go for rock-hard erections that could last longer, even on-demand!

  • My penis is curved. Can the ProExtender® help straighten curvature? 

That’s what our customers say.

If you’re diagnosed with Peyronie’s (an extreme penile curvature caused by fibrous scar tissue), then the ProExtender® could help straighten the curve.

In fact, the ProExtender® method was tested in a clinical trial with amazing results. After 6 months, 10 men diagnosed with Peyronie’s saw improvement.

The ProExtender® is a safe, affordable option for addressing Peyronie’s.

  • Can I urinate while using my ProExtender®?

Yes, you can use the bathroom while wearing your ProExtender®. No problem.

  • Can I have sex after using my ProExtender®?

Yes. You can have sex immediately after wearing your ProExtender®. Just slip it off and have fun!

  • Why is the ProExtender® better than cheap imitators and knock-offs?

First, the ProExtender® is a certified medical device (CE certified and FDA-cleared). The method is proven in clinical studies and that’s why it’s recommended by surgeons and physicians worldwide. Not to mention, this device is used by over 500,000 satisfied customers.

Second, the ProExtender® is backed by a 100% satisfaction, 6-month, money-back guarantee (the imposters wouldn’t dare guarantee their cheap imitations).

Third, imitation extensions don’t work. They can’t work. That’s because to successfully achieve “Traction” (which triggers cell growth for enlargement), you must have specific amounts of tension applied to your penis. Fake devices can’t give you the tension you need to achieve Traction for growth.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

But beware, the top complaints with the knock-offs are:

1. Fall apart easily (sometimes within the first week)
2. Painful to wear (constantly pinching the skin of your penis)
3. Difficult to use (confusing instructions heighten risk of injury)
4. Doesn’t work (not enough tension)
5. No money back guarantee (go figure)

As you can see, choosing the ProExtender® is a no-brainer. Our customers find comfort in the fact the ProExtender® is a real medical device (not some plastic gimmick with no real certifications).

  • Why is the ProExtender® better than a penis pump?

Because a penis pump can only provide temporary results (plus, there’s a high-risk of injury).

With the ProExtender®, the enlargement gains you achieve are permanent (without risk of injury).

Does that make sense?

  • What if I’m not circumcised? Can I still enlarge my penis with the ProExtender®

Don’t sweat it. Erections can occur spontaneously day or night. And if you happen to achieve an erection while wearing your ProExtender®… it will simply “slip off” without fuss.

  • What is my money back guarantee? 

You have a full 6-months to “test drive” the ProExtender® for yourself – risk-free.

Simply order today. When your package arrives, open it, and start using it right away. You could start seeing results in just 2 weeks. Continue regular use and if you’re not 100% satisfied, send it back (within 6 months) and we’ll promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No fuss. All we ask is that you cover the shipping charge. Does that sound reasonable?


Order the ProExtender today, and try it risk-free, for 6 months.

  • What will the package look like when it arrives?

Your package will arrive in a small, discreet, brown box from Leading Edge Health. No one (not even the delivery person) will know what’s inside. Your privacy is our top priority.

  • How can I order today? 

Ordering is easy.

Simply click the Order Now button.

You’ll be taken to an order page (where you can choose between different package options.) Select your package. Fill in your order details. And your order will be prepared right away.

Just click the Order Now button below, and your ProExtender® will be on its way shortly.